About Me

Hello, my name is Lovinna Dinda but my alias is Margaretha or Flowrin, because of reasons.... I'm a law student with many wild imaginations haha
I love anime, manga, novel, all kind of beauty, makeup and skincare!

CLASSIC NOVELS ARE AWESOME! I beg you guys... for once in your lifetime, try read classic novels, those masterpieces won't get old with time.

PASSION FOR MAKEUP AND SKINCARE AREN'T CRIME! People always thought if you like to use makeup or crazed with skincare then you have confidence disorder, I would tell you sire, NO YOU ARE NOT. It's jut how people love themselve , just like people got tattoos, doing hair extension, etc. So I think not all people feel small because they're wearing makeup, just do what your heart's wanna do.

When did I start blogging?

I'm just a potato who always want to write something, I got tons of short story ideas when I was a child, I even write those on my small notebook, but sadly I can't pursue my literature passion, because of internal cause, so I must choose more 'profitable' major, besides I have somewhat higher average litigious, so I chose LAW major. But anyway I enjoy it, but deep down in my heart I know I wanna write more!!!

So yeah I open up my old blogger account (you can check it out on enthungilung.blogspot.com I posted some of my works there ^^), but it doesn't feel the same as it used to be, besides I'm a grown lady in making now, I have obsession with skincare and makeup, and suddenly I watched many beauty blogger on the internet, so hey, I thought maybe I can start one!!!

So yeah in January 2016 I opened this blog, and filling it with my makeup-craze-nonsense-things until now, I would say I love it!! I can continue my passion about writing without have to change my specialization ALSO I can blabbering about my makeup junkie.

Feel free to know me better, and if you want just click 'contact me' at link above or click my g+ ^_^